Shared Interests: 2/5 
Din Djarin, or as he is more commonly known, Mando, is not a man with hobbies. His entire life before meeting Grogu consisted of learning the ancient Mandalorian ways. This included things like, hand to hand combat, blaster marksmanship, and flying a jetpack. Okay, and yes all of those things are super cool. The problem is that none of them are very fun when they are taught to you as necessary for your survival and not as a hobby. And as Mando’s child that is exactly what he would do. Daddy Mando would not be laughing and joking around as you landed on your face with the jetpack or missed your blaster target for the 100th time. Instead, he would look at you with the expressionless metal of his helmet and make you do it over again. But regardless, those are still cool things to learn so he gets some points.  

Dad Jokes: 0/5
What do you call a Mandalorian dad’s favorite speeder? His Beskar. Okay I know that was a terrible joke. But it is definitely something a dad would say. Now can you imagine those words coming out of Mando’s mouth? Nope. And sadly, that is why he gets no points for dad jokes. 

Protection: 5/5
I’m just going to let this clip speak for itself.
When it comes to hugging the Mandalorian we run into many of the same problems as hugging Darth Vader. The man(dalorian) almost never removes his amor. And he definitely won’t do it in front of another living creature. So if you are ever lucky enough to receive a hug from Daddy Mando expect your face to be smushed into a cold plate of beskar armor. At least he would be less likely to crush you to death than Vader would be. So for that alone he gets a few points. 

Wisdom: 3/5
When it comes to street smarts, Daddy Mando has it in spades. If it were just him he could probably get along just fine on his own. But he sometimes runs into trouble when his enemies use his child to distract him. For example, in Season 2 Episode 3, Mando trusts a group of Quarren sailors to lead him to other Mandalorians. But as they travel the Quarrens push Grogu into the water and lock up Mando after he jumps in to save the baby. If the other Mandalorians hadn’t shown up and turned the squid men into calamari, Mando would have been fish food. 

Bonus: +10
This is one of those rare times where the Lando-Meter has been unfairly harsh. As of right now, Mando sits at a low 12/25. That is one point lower than Vader’s score. We all know that Mando is a better dad than Vader. So for just the amount of pure love that Mando shows for Grogu in the scene where he gives him up to Luke, I am going to give him an additional 10 points.
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