Shared Interests: 5/5
Mike and Sully might be monsters but they are still just normal dudes. The great thing about having both of them as dads is that they have a wide range of interests. Mike is into cars, fine restaurants, and I’d be willing to bet that he is also the equivalent of a Dungeon Master in whatever version of Dungeons & Dragons exists in the Monster world. Homes & Humans perhaps? While Sully on the other hand is more of the sporty type. He loves working out, and definitely has the popular but nice vibe. So no matter what your interests are you could probably find something fun to do with Mike and Sully. 

Dad Jokes: 3/5 
Jokes seem to come naturally to the one-eyed Mike Wazowski. In the final minutes of Monster’s Inc Mike tells a plethora of jokes that, in classic dad fashion, fail to make the child laugh. When it comes to jokes he is a dad through and through. The problem is his dad partner, Sully. As loveable as he is, he isn’t the joking type. At least not the structured, often punny, specific brand of humor that is dad humor. So sadly we need to dock a few points. 

Protection: 2/5
This should be easy right? I mean, Sully alone could fight off a hundred monsters to defend his child. But he also is constantly losing a toddler in a world full of monsters. The reason the trash compactor scene works is because Sully really believes Boo is inside being crushed to death. And that easily could have been true if events had played out a little differently. Consistently losing your child does not make for a good dad. I’m still giving them two points because ultimately they were able to keep Boo alive long enough to get her home. 

Hug: 3/5
Imagine your childhood dog. The fluffy sweet one who was never quite aware of just how big he was and would constantly smack you with his tail. You were so sad when he died. You loved him so much that you couldn’t bear to see him put in the ground without giving him one last hug. Now imagine that right after the first handfuls of dirt are thrown into his grave he stands up. He is alive. But not only that, he has also been converted into a humanoid dog figure that walks on two legs. He awkwardly runs up, still getting used to his new legs, and gives you a huge hug. He whispers in your ear, “I will never leave you again” as you cry a single tear of joy. This is what it would be like to hug Sully. A little unnerving and weird, but ultimately a welcome surprise. Hugging Mike on the other hand would be like hugging a giant eyeball. And if you’re tall enough that eye would be right on your junk. No thanks. 

Wisdom: 4/5
Mike and Sully may be goofy but they are good-natured at heart. They try to do what is right and were wise enough to know that what was best for Boo was to go home. Although they might lose you every now and then, they would always try to do whatever is best for you. 

Bonus: +2
+2 for being super fun dads. 
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