The Mission.

Me and my brothers were sitting in the cramped boys’ bedroom of our childhood home when suddenly the door burst open. In walked my dad, out of breath and with the excited look of a mad man. In his hands, he held a VHS tape housed in a generic clear case. Without saying a word, he lifted the lid just enough for us to see inside. The label on the tape read, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. We gasped. We weren’t allowed to watch PG-13 movies. But still, my dad popped the tape in the VCR and made us swear not to tell our mom. 
That wasn’t the first or last time that my dad brought home a movie for us to watch. He shaped my taste in movies ever since I was a little kid. Still to this day, I cannot watch a movie with a tender father-son moment in it, without crying. I cry every time. Something that my wife always loves to point out. So, I want to make a tribute to my dad. I will watch and review movies that have a strong emphasis on father-son relationships. I will then rate the movie dad on a patented Good or Bad dad meter (Think Rotten Tomatoes but for Movie dads). Because who wants to read a boring normal movie review? 

The Lando-Meter. 
Celsius, Fahrenheit, the Richter scale, so many scientific scales have been named after very smart men (and women). So our scale for measuring the ideal dad will be compared to my ideal father, my dad Landes Holbrook. Introducing the Lando-Meter a patented daddyness measurement scale that has been scientifically proven to find the best movie dad. 
The dads will be rated based on the following criteria: 
Shared Interests
Dad Jokes
Give a good hug
Bonus points
Each category is worth up to 5 points. Their scores out of 25 will then be tallied and converted to a percentage in order to determine where they fall on the Lando-Meter.